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Bendcraft manufacture and supply coils and spirals for a diverse range of applications from light domestic to heavy industrial. Specifications of varying diameter and pitch can be accommodated as are a range of material types.

The coiling and spiralling process is ideal for components required for the heat transfer of liquids, playground equipment and spiral staircases. Continuous coil for heat exchanges and boilers can be supplied in sections or welded so the complete coil is supplied in one piece.

Coil end arrangements

Bendcraft can manufacture the coil end arrangements to suit your individual requirements.
The most common end arrangements for coils are:

  • 90° ends at both top and bottom of the coil
  • 2x 90° bends at either the top or the bottom of the coil with an internal riser, or
  • Tangential ends.

Specifying coil and spiral detail

For accuracy and quality of the finished product, please provide the following information:

  • An accurately dimensioned drawing
  • The centreline diameter (CLD)
  • Pitch specifications
  • The number of turns
  • The direction of winding
  • The end arrangements
  • The outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness of the tube or pipe required, and
  • The material required including the preferred grade.
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